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Liaoning Province | Explore Liaoning

Liaoning | Local time:   
Liaoning is a province in China located in the northeast of the country. Its name is taken from the Liao River... Wikipedia
English Name: Liáoníng Chinese Name: 辽宁 (Liáoníng)
Capital: Shenyang GDP (2013): US$ 441.60 billion
Population: 43,900,000 (2012) Area: 56,300 sq miles
Key Cities: DalianShenyang 

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Travel & Tourism in Liaoning Province

Liaoning Province - Wikipedia
Liaoning an eastern coastal province in China. The name comes from jiang, short for the city of Jiangning, and su, for the city of Suzhou...
Liaoning Travel Guide - Wikitravel
Open source travel guide to Liaoning, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more.

Colleges & Universities in Liaoning Province

China Criminal Police University
The China Criminal Police University is located in the historic city of Shenyang.
China Medical University
China Medical University was the first medical school established by the Chinese Communist Party.
Dalian University of Technology
Dalian University of Technology is located in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian, in northeastern China's Liaoning Province.
Liaoning University  
In the course of over half a century's development, Liaoning University has grown into a multiple-discipline comprehensive university,...
Northeastern University  
Northeastern University is located in Shenyang of Liaoning Province, the center of economy, culture and transportation in Northeast China.
Shenyang Jianzhu University
Shenyang Jianzhu University is the only comprehensive university with priority given to civil engineering and architecture as well as multi-disciplinary...
Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
Shenyang Pharmaceutical University is a multidisciplinary pharmaceutical institute of higher learning. It consists of schools of pharmacy,...