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China Daily
China Daily is an English-language daily newspaper published in China.
China Economic Net
China Economic Net is a major news website providing timely economic news reports, in-depth economic analysis. China Internet Information Center offers broad access to up-to-date news about China.
China Network Television  CCTV
China Network Television is a national web-based TV broadcaster.
China Radio International
China Radio International is China's state-owned international radio broadcaster.
Global Times
Global Times, an English-language Chinese newspaper in China.
Shanghai Daily
Comprehensive news covering business, culture, tourism, and entertainment.
Sina Corp.
Sina is a leading Internet media company serving China.
Xinhua News Agency
A global news and information gathering network providing authoritative, substantial and timely news and information...
Other Sport Sites
Beijing Marathon
Official site of the Beijing Marathon...
China LPGA Tour
With golf set to be reinstated into the Olympics for the 2016 Games, the CLPGA Tour is right at the forefront of China's lady golfers.
China Open
China Open's official site provides information about China's tennis tournament...
Hong Kong Rugby Football Union
HKRFU Official site includes news, fixtures, national teams, photos...
Hong Kong Sevens
Hong Kong Sevens provides schedules, standings and results, merchandise and other general information about Hong Kong Sevens.
International Wushu Federation
The official website of the International Wushu Federation provides news and other general information about Wushu.
NBA China
NBA China's official site provides an overview of the NBA in China, news, teams, games, deals, videos, pictures...
NFL China
NFL China's official site provides an overview of the NFL in China...
Official Website of the Chinese Olympic Committee
The Official Website of the Chinese Olympics provides information about athletes, games, news, doping and other general information.
Sports Illustrated China
Chinese-language version of Sports Illustrated...
The Hong Kong Jockey Club
The Hong Kong Jockey Club is one of the largest racing organisations in the world. Horse racing is the most popular spectator sport in Hong Kong...
Xiamen International Marathon
Xiamen Marathon, one of the two leading marathon competition in China...
Zhuhai International Circuit
Zhuhai International Circuit, the first permanent motor racing circuit in China provides information on races, a race guide, gallery, and other information.